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Dress Circle

In the early 20th century, residents along May Road and Tregunter Path in the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong Island began calling their neighbourhood "The Dress Circle". The reference comes from London Theatres, whose first balcony was often considered the best and most expensive seat in the house. So from their homes, these privileged residents of The Dress Circle enjoyed a stunning view of the beautiful harbour and the peninsula beyond.

This unique name was adopted as the title of Kerry Properties Limited's community publication. The Dress Circle aims to enhance the relationship between the company, its investors, business partners, clients and the many residents who dwell in Kerry Properties by offering them a wealth of information that makes them part of the Kerry Properties family.

While The Dress Circle offers engaging content on a variety of lifestyle topics, it is also delivers up-to-date information on the overall business and developmental progress of Kerry Properties and the Group.

Issue No. 36
Issue No. 35
Issue No. 34
Issue No. 33
Issue No. 32
Issue No. 31
Issue No. 30
Issue No. 29
Issue No. 28
Issue No. 27
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Awards & Achievements
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